CORC® cables and wires allow for easy bundling into high-current Cable in Conduit Conductors (CICC) for fusion magnets:
– Highest level of conductor transposition of any HTS CICC
– Flexible CORC®-CICC allow for bending down to 1 meter diameter and enable compact fusion magnets



CORC®-CICC for fusion and detector magnets are being developed with support of the U.S. Department of Energy and in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, CERN, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the University of Twente and Paul Sherrer Institute.






 CORC® cable CICCCORC® wire CICC
Diameter (no jacket)25 mm25 mm
Temperature, Field4.2 K, 20 T4.2 K, 20 T
Currentup to 100,000 Aup to 100,000 A

CORC® cables and wire terminations allow for low resistance CORC®-CICC joints that would enable demountable fusion magnets.



Joint made between two CORC® cables
Resistance measured over CORC® wire terminations tested up to their critical current