Conductor on Round Core (CORC®) cables and wires are being developed for the next generation of accelerator magnets operating at fields above 20 T, compact fusion magnets that allow for a faster way to commercial fusion energy, high-density power transmission in confined spaces, and fault-current limiting cables and devices that protect equipment against over currents.

CORC® – the first HTS cables and wires to demonstrate:
– Current of 7.5 kA in liquid nitrogen in a 10 mm diameter cable
– Current exceeding 6,000 A at 4.2 K in a 20 T magnetic field
– Current densities exceeding 400 A/mm2 at 4.2 K in a 20 T magnetic field
– Pulsed current operation of more than 60 kA/s to 5,000 A in a 19 T background field
– Fault Current Limiting capabilities of 70 V/m within 15 ms of a current pulse four times the operating current of a kA-class conductor


CORC® cable being wound with our custom cable machine